About handmade ceramics

Every piece I make is thrown, trimmed, glazed, and handled by me. Because I'm human and will never achieve perfection (as much as I wish I could) each piece will show signs of being handmade. I strive for uniformity and exact measurements with each piece I make, but at the end of the day these are made by my hands and there will be subtle differences to each item I make. 

I personally love seeing the slight variation from piece to piece, but buying handmade is not for everyone.

Care & Use

All work is fired at cone 6 and I use food safe glazes. Items are oven safe unless otherwise indicated in the item description. I personally use my bowls for reheating food in the oven and do not put it higher than 400 F (204 C) for about 20 minutes. Putting ceramics in the oven is fine, but will increase the wear and tear on your item. If you notice that any glaze on your piece changes color during or after contact with food or drink, do not use it with food or drink again.

Pieces are not microwave safe.

I highly recommend hand washing your ceramics instead of using the dishwasher. To ensure your piece lasts as long as possible, I suggest rinsing your bowl cup with warm water to prepare it for hot food or liquid. This will help prevent any hairline cracks that might form and ruin the usability of your piece. If you have additional questions about caring or using your ceramics you can email me at me@marisamorby.com

Shipping, Insurance, & Delivery

I ship USPS Priority which is the safest and most affordable option. Domestic shipping times are about 3 - 5 business days. International shipping is currently available, but that availability may change in the future based on orders and cost. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and are calculated at checkout.

$50 Insurance is included with each shipment via USPS Priority Mail. If you’d like to add more insurance please email me@marisamorby.com. Your tracking number can be used to track your shipment or file an insurance claim via the USPS website.

Theft & Lost Packages

____mm.gifts is NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages after a shipment has been marked as delivered by the carrier. I require all packages to have a signature upon delivery. If an order is taking longer than expected to arrive please contact me@marisamorby.com with your order number and we’ll figure it out!

Returns/ Exchanges/ Damages

No returns or exchanges are accepted.

I personally inspect and pack each item before it leaves the studio, but accidents can happen with fragile items like ceramics. If an item arrives damaged please send at least two detailed photos of the broken piece within 48 hours to me@marisamorby.com. Please include a photo of the box it arrived in with all labels visible, and the broken piece. 

Once I receive that information I will file an insurance claim and work with you on a refund or replacement. 


Custom Requests

I do not currently do custom order requests, so what you see in the shop is what I currently have available! If you're curious what upcoming pieces will be in the shop, please check out my instagram (@marisamorby) for updates.